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Interviewing Job Candidates? Don’t Ask These Questions!

October 26, 2015
Dallas employer lawyer Keith Clouse advises employers on employment-related issues. One issue arises when employers recruit and interview prospective employees. An interviewer may be tempted to treat the initial few minutes like a social introduction by asking the questions he typically asks a new acquaintance at a social event. Asking these get-to-know-you questions, however, can be problem...

Dallas Mediator: Conduct an Early Case Assessment

October 18, 2015
Dallas employment law mediator Keith Clouse stresses the value of resolving cases early in the litigation process. To do so, however, a party must conduct an early case assessment. When a party conducts an early case assessment, the party hones in on the most important elements. An early case assessment requires a party to identify: the key issues in dispute; its business g...

What’s Holding You Back from Mediating Early in the Case?

October 18, 2015
Dallas employment law mediator Keith Clouse encourages clients and others to attempt to resolve disputes early on without slogging through drawn-out litigation measures. Here, he addresses concerns commonly cited by litigants who are opposed to early mediation. Appearing weak. A litigant may worry that suggesting mediation early on will make the party appear weak and encourage the op...

Letting Employees Dress in Costume on Halloween: A Nightmare?

October 11, 2015
As Halloween creeps around the corner, some employers will plan Halloween-themed office celebrations. But, what about employees who show up in inappropriate Halloween costumes? Dallas employer lawyer Keith Clouse believes that an employer does not have to forego a celebration altogether to avoid problems. Instead, an employer should anticipate—and ward off—potential pitfalls well...

Four Clouse Dunn LLP Lawyers Recognized as “Super Lawyers”

October 03, 2015
Four Clouse Dunn LLP lawyers have been named “Super Lawyers” for 2015. Keith Clouse, Rogge Dunn, Alyson Brown, and Emily Stout were recently recognized for their outstanding work in the Employment and Labor field. Keith Clouse was also selected as a Texas Top 100 Lawyer—a lawyer ranked at the top of the list after a rigorous review process.   Super Lawyers select...

What Should a Physician Assistant Consider Before Joining a Practice?

September 27, 2015
Dallas employment law attorney Keith Clouse represents individuals employed in the medical field. He suggests that a physician assistant consider the following issues when contemplating a job opportunity: Responsibilities (type of practice; primary job duties; common patient concerns); Reputation of physicians and facility (pending litigation; prominence in field; relationships...

Dallas Employment Lawyer: Physician Assistant Employment Agreements

September 27, 2015
Keith Clouse represents doctors and other individuals employed in the medical field. He negotiates employment agreements, assists professionals leave practices, and handles employment disputes. Mr. Clouse notes that some professionals sign proposed employment agreements without thinking through the proposed terms. This is a mistake! A physician assistant should carefully review any proposed ...

Dallas Employment Lawyer: Considerations When Negotiating a Raise

September 21, 2015
Salary negotiations can feel messy because, unlike initial employment agreement negotiations, lawyers are not often involved. Here, Dallas executive employment attorney Keith Clouse provides some considerations for an executive negotiating a raise. Understand the market. An executive should research market value for his position. He should also be mindful of specific factors that imp...

More Requests for Religious Accommodations?

September 20, 2015
Recent news articles highlight individuals who claim religious beliefs prevent them from performing certain job duties. The media attention given to these stories may prompt more employees to ask for religious accommodations. When confronted with a request for a religious accommodation, an employer must judge the “reasonableness” of the request. Some accommodations are relati...

Workers’ Compensation, as Explained by Dallas Employment Lawyer Keith Clouse

September 13, 2015
Dallas employment lawyer Keith Clouse represents executives and employers in employment-related matters. As part of his practice, he fields questions about workers’ compensation issues in Texas. Here, he explains how the system works. Workers' compensation is a state-regulated insurance program. It pays benefits when an employee is unable to work because of an injury in the wor...